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clé en main majorque

IB Consulting Inmobiliario

IB Consulting offers almost a 20-years’ experience in the Mallorcan real estate market.

New creative concept linking four areas of activities in order to offer an innovative service
an added value to our customers.

Real estate consulting with a wide network of professionals and partners providing advisory services in purchase, selling and investments in real estate assets.

IB Consulting gives you access to legal, tax, architectural, valuation of assets and heritage services.



Guarantee the legality of the operation, always defending your interests.
Provide you with up-to-date information, with rigorous and accurate market analysis.
A single interlocutor during the entire process, from the search to the formalization of the purchase.
To share a wide knowledge of the market by supporting a network of professionals and collaborators with the aim of converting their desires into a specific project.
Find the asset that best suits your demand and your economic possibilities.
Support in all phases of the operation to provide you with complete legal certainty.


Every good is different and each property is unique.
The value of an asset is the price someone is willing to pay for it, so it´s important to know the market, define the client panel and develop a successful strategy.
If you are thinking of selling your property, we can assist you to achieve the goal, shorten the sales deadlines and obtain a satisfactory price.


Assist on the management of purchase and / or sale of real estate assets with definition of a strategy agreed by a business plan.
Valuation of assets; service coordination; tracking and balance.

Vision – Mission


Provide transparency to the real estate sector.
Offer added value.
Generate mutual trust and credibility.
Constructive critic.
Be recognized for our honesty.


To propose a creative and innovative service.
To provide accurate and up-to-date information.
To facilitate the generation of retailing real estate operations with direct relationships, based on mutual trust and transparency.
Succeed in professional advice.